Star Wars Comparison Chart

Title The Phantom Menace Attack of the Clones A New Hope The Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi
Bad Feelings Obi-Wan Anakin Luke, Han Leia C3P0, Han
Chase scene Pod racers Pretty much the whole film None Asteroid field Hoverbikes
Climactic Battle Thing blown up in sky to eliminate threat on ground Things on ground blown up before they can reach sky Threat in sky blown up directly None Thing blown up on ground to eliminate threat in sky
Lightsabre Duel Sith Lord strikes down Jedi, then another Jedi throws Sith Lord down shaft Sith Lord cuts off Jedi's hand, then runs away Sith Lord strikes down Jedi. No one falls down shaft, despite shaft's proximity. Sith Lord cuts off Jedi's hand, then Jedi falls down shaft Jedi cuts off Sith Lord's hand, then Sith Lord throws another Sith Lord down shaft
Ending Celebration Big victory parade with music Clone army mobilizes Formal award ceremony where the heroes get medals Heroes escape with lives; Luke puts comforting hand on Leia's shoulder Galaxy-wide party with airshow and fireworks
One-Terrain Planets Desert planet, City planet (NB: Naboo has more than one terrain type) City planet, Water planet, Desert planet, Rock planet (also Naboo again) Desert planet, "That's no" moon Ice planet, Swamp planet, Gas planet Desert planet, Swamp planet (briefly), Forest moon
Vader's Kids Darth Vader is revealed to be C-3P0's father No revelations No revelations Darth Vader is revealed to be Luke's father Darth Vader is revealed to be Leia's father
The Tatooine Coincidence Nearest Federation-free planet where they can refuel No real coincidences, but they do go back there Just happened to be flying past when Vader caught up None Han's worst enemy happens to live there
Boba? No Yes Special Edition only Yes Yes
Biggest Complaint Jar Jar Anikin putting the moves on Amidala Special effects look dated Nothing gets resolved; obviously just a set-up for the next film Ewoks