Zuma: No Progress

So, no sooner do I make a move away from Zuma than PopCap unexpectedly announces a sequel. I take this as a sign from the gods of gaming and synchronicity that they don’t want me to abandon it just yet, and who am I to argue with gods?

If there’s one thing that really separates this game from PopCap’s more recent titles, it’s that its Adventure Mode is actually hard. Of the other PopCap games that I’ve purchased since starting this blog — Peggle, Bookworm Adventures, PvZ — I completed two of their campaigns in a single day, and the other in three. I don’t know if I’ll ever manage to finish Zuma. I’ve been stuck at the same point for several posts now.

And yet, the point where I’m stuck is so very close to the end! This is the point where one wants to just charge through and finish the thing, but that’s exactly the wrong approach to take to a game like this. It asks the player to be patient, to keep practicing without any measure of progress — no virtual cash or experience points building up from session to session. I wonder if the sequel will add such things? It could be a significant way to extend the game’s appeal to magpies like me, but at the cost of changing the game’s character in ways that fans of the original might not like.

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  1. Jason Dyer on 20 Aug 2009

    I think you’re stuck on the exact same level everyone else gets stuck on. I’ve never beaten it either.

  2. malkav11 on 21 Aug 2009

    There are so many other games out there to be played that I’m only willing to give a game so many chances when I’m stuck. How many depends on where I’m stuck and how much I’d enjoyed the game up to that point. For Zuma I suspect I would have put it aside long ago.

  3. Carl Muckenhoupt on 21 Aug 2009

    I did put it aside long ago. And now I’ve taken it up again.

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