ParserComp 2022

Time to reconnect to my roots a little. The voting period for ParserComp 2022 started just yesterday. Like the Spring Thing, this is an alternative to the annual IFComp, and a newish one at that — apparently the first ParserComp was run in 2015, but that was a one-off until it was revived last year. The main thing distinguishing it from the main Comp is that only entries with a text parser are allowed — so no Twine or Choicescript or other choice-based or hypertext works. In other words, it’s an attempt at addressing the problem of judging parser games and hypertext games together, and doing it without kicking Twine out of the main Comp. I slept through it last year, but I’m told there was some good stuff in it.

There are 20 entries this year, which seems to me a very comfortable quantity. I could play one a day and comment on them all here and be finished before Narrascope.

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