WoW: Fishing with Oleari

So, after registering the game so as not to lose momentum with Pleasance, what do I do for my next session? I take Oleari fishing, of course! After reading advice here, I was eager to get her trained in some Professions, and figured that while I was at it, I might as well try fishing in the Tauren starting area (still a fairly short run away). There’s a really inviting lake there. It looks like it belongs in summer camp, and it turns out to be ideal for the novice fisher, well-stocked with “Brilliant Smallfish” which are also a godsend to the novice cook. Moreover, the fact that I decided to spend time on this shows how much the questing has lost its urgency now that I’m no longer rushing to do as much as possible before the trial expires. If your focus is on quests, you get rushed around from place to place pretty quickly, exhausting the quests in one area and then being sent on a quest to the next. It can be nice to just stop and pull things out of a lake once in a while. It does get boring pretty quickly, though, and unlike all the other professions I had tried, I ended my first session long before the game mechanics forced me to. But only partly because of the fishing; I was falling asleep by then. It was a short session, and this is a short post.

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