IFComp 2011: Dead Hotel

Spoilers follow the break.

This is basically a brief, slapdash snippet of adventurized survival-horror-ish zombie shooter, although there seems to be only one zombie you can shoot. Health points and a medikit round out the blatant videogameisms, but there really isn’t enough content here for either to become relevant. Input is in the form of selecting numbered choices from a context-specific list, which makes it even more like the old Choose Your Own Adventure books than the other CYOA-style games this year. It really reminds me of the sort of godawful stuff that people used to write in BASIC and post to BBSes back in the 1980s; it even runs in 40-column mode, as if it was written for the PCjr or something. I’m guessing that it’s supposed to be nostalgic, but I didn’t care for this sort of thing back in the day either.

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