IFComp 2011: Luster

Spoilers follow the break.

If I had to describe this game in one word, that word would be “clumsy”. From the stilted phone call that kicks it off (“‘Well, I heard a rumor. Treasures are there, and not just any treasures.’ He pauses dramtically before saying, ‘These treasures give you fame and glory.'”), to the nouns treated as proper names (“You’re carrying Letter.”) to the exits described as to the east when they’re really to the west, to the signs you can’t read even though you’re clearly supposed to, this is a game that, if it were a human being, would break its neck trying to tie its shoe. I almost suspect it’s a troll, but there are limits to faked incompetence. Besides, it’s expansive enough that anyone who went to the effort to make it as a joke would be that joke’s chief victim.

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