Guitar Hero: Bark at the Moon

The songs in Guitar Hero are divided into six levels of increasing difficulty. The highest level is unavailable on Easy mode, so when I unlocked it on Medium, I didn’t know what to expect. The first four songs turned out to be difficult, but not too difficult — I managed to scrape through them all on the first try, albeit missing a lot of notes in the process. Then came the infamous “Bark at the Moon”.

I had heard about this song. It recently made a list of the top 20 videogame bosses. This seemed humorously incongruous when I read about it, but now I understand. It has that bosslike order-of-magnitude-harder-than-anything-else-you’ve-faced quality. The very first thing it throws at you is a rapid alternation between the lowest and highest notes you can play, which involves muscles I haven’t used in a long time. I assume it’s even worse on higher difficulty levels.

It’s been two days since I got that far, and I haven’t successfully barked at the moon yet. Partly this is because I can’t try again immediately after a failed attempt. Not because the game won’t let me, but because each attempt is wearing enough on the hands that I need a break. The game in general is tiring, to the point that I wonder if I’m holding the controller wrong, but not to this degree. (I have experimented with alternate postures a little, such as holding the controller in my lap and playing the fret buttons like a piano keyboard, but these always prove to be more awkward than doing it the right way.)

On my last attempt, I got all the way to the final solo, which, due to its unfamiliarity, I played badly enough to bring the audience all the way from the green zone on the rock-meter down to booing me off the stage. The end result: 99% completion. 99%. I think the final note was actually on the screen.

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  1. The Boob on 19 Jun 2007

    I played the bark at the moon on medium and its S**T hot i was crap the first few times but when i got used to it its like i was playing it like a pro i nearly broke the 250,000 mark !!! but then came the HARD did that all 5 keys, orange the B’tard after a few more days of solitude i had done it yet again breaking well over the 200,000 mark thinking i could have got more because of the note combinations the possible high score could be in the 400,000 but thats some hard shit!!!! and then came expert

    this ppl is hard enough on things like killer queen and queens of the stoneage but then the bottom 2 cowboys form hell and bark at the moon
    you look at both of these when they start and think nar fuk this but its pain stakenly addictive days i spent breaking my finger on the guitar trying to master the the Law of what i have heard called sprit fingers… finnaly i completed cowboys from hell and all other tracks including the bonus ones but now came the almighty bark at the moon countless hours i had spent practiceing this song on hard i had to quadrupile my efforts jus to only get 33% so i crunched it and while the point of (death while gaming) was iminant i got the maximum i could ever get 70% and im good at this game i can now do bark at the moon without looking (nearly ^^)
    and still get about 190,000 while my friends cat even get on my board lol i am contimplating wether to get guitar hero 2 for 360 but the price is to high i wonder after now 4months of not playing whether i could still “shred 2 shit” no that game…………………………………..

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