IFComp 2012: The Lift

Spoilers follow the break.

You know, I remember playing games like this written in TRS-80 BASIC. Games blatantly written by middle-school kids. Games that lock you in a set of death-corridors with no explanation and terse descriptions. Games where your only interaction consists of picking actions from a list, where you basically just have to make blind guesses about which ones will help and which ones will get you immediately killed. And on top of that, it’s disappointingly short. (“The food is terrible — and such small portions!”)

I haven’t been posting my ratings for the individual games this year, but this is the sort of work that makes me glad I keep the 1 in reserve, rating most of the merely bad games 2 or higher, so I have something to apply to the ones that manage to be significantly worse than everything else seen so far.

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