QfG5: Stuck again

Not a lot to report here. In my last session, I made no progress whatever. I’m supposed to be stopping the bad guy, but he isn’t making a move that I can stop. Elsa believes that her sponsor, Minos, is the mastermind behind everything, which wouldn’t be at all surprising, as he’s got villain speech patterns and a villain wardrobe. But his island is surrounded by a mysterious barrier that I can’t breach. It’s the only remaining unvisitable spot on the overland map, so obviously I need to get there somehow.

There’s one other obvious way to go at this point: the last remaining dragon pillar. The dragon pillars bear the enchantment used to bind the anticipated dragon underground; there used to be seven, but one has been destroyed during each Rite. The last pillar is in a cave, near an underground temple that I can’t reach because it’s surrounded by lava. I have a potion that will allow me to survive the lava’s heat, but no way to actually cross it. You might think I’d be able to levitate to the cave ceiling and push my way across against it, but that hasn’t worked.

I’ve started a new game as a Thief, but haven’t played enough to get to any Thief-specific content. Expect a report on that in the next post.

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