Pleas for Attention

So, after a month and a half of secrecy, I’m starting to tell people about this blog. It’s got to be the case that a lot of blogs are started and abandoned with a mere handful of posts, and I didn’t want to suffer that embarassment here. But I’m convinced by now that I can fulfill the terms of the Oath, and that the only embarassment in the offing is that which I forge for myself through my words.

So, welcome, reader! I hope reading about someone else playing videogames helps to stave off the boredom of your workplace or classroom or wherever you’re reading this. Feel free to leave comments, because I derive a sense of personal validation from that, and it’s been a little sad seeing “Comments(0)” at the head of every single post.

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  1. Rob "Xemu" Fermier on 15 Feb 2007

    Hey look, a commment! Interesting structure for the blog, looking forward to seeing how it evolves. GTA3 is an interesting starting point, as it’s one of the games I’ve probably played most in the past decade. I look forward to hearing your continued adventures in Libery City and analysis therein…

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