Final Fantasy VI: Moving On Again

To judge by my last few posts, you’d think that I’m on the verge of completing the second half of Final Fantasy VI. And I am. But it’s a very wide verge. I spent about three months in a similar state at the end of the first half. Admittedly, that was because I wasn’t actually playing for most of that time. But the reason I wasn’t playing was that I had grown impatient with the game: I felt so close to the momentous transition that all the mopping-up I felt compelled to do before taking the plunge became burdensome. As much as I want to face off against Kefka — recently named 18th greatest videogame villain of all time by IGN, right above M. Bison — I also want to see the rest of the game.

Rushing through the game is no way to play it, if only because the game makes it impossible. Sometimes you only get to take a couple of steps between random encounters. Some games in the series have a rare and special piece of equipment that decreases the rate of encounters, or even eliminates all encounters with anything other than bosses. If such a thing exists in this game, I have yet to find it. And if you’re approaching the game from a position of impatience, these constant interruptions will only make it worse. I wrote before about the annoyance of all the system’s little delays when working under a time limit. My self-imposed time limit of two weeks is no exception.

So, on to 1995. I’ve already started on my next game as I write this. But I intend to keep dipping back into FF6, in small sessions, for however long it takes.

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  1. Mark on 17 May 2010

    The item to prevent all encounters (if you don’t mind all these incessant hints) is invisible. It is located on the ground in the location Mog stands in the back of his cave. It’s really dumb that they hide some items that way, but to my knowledge that’s the only one that’s not trivial.

  2. Carl Muckenhoupt on 17 May 2010

    Bah! Like I’m going back there.

  3. malkav11 on 18 May 2010

    The crazy encounter rate is why I have never been able to get all that far in FFVI. I simply don’t have the patience to deal with the constant interruptions.

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