Majesty 2: Still Going

And another night passes without defeating the demon and reclaiming the high throne. I’ve made a little progress, though. The level contains sub-quests to build one of each of the six types of temple that I mentioned earlier, or rather, to build two groups of three, as the gods of Ardania split naturally into two trinities. I finally managed to complete one triad, and was told that the demon was greatly weakened, and would remain so as long as the temples stayed up. Then, of course, the elementals managed to knock two of them down. So I’m starting to formulate anti-elemental strategies. It seems like what I really need is to pull a high-level Ranger and a high-level Blademaster out of my Lord pool. Rangers respond eagerly to Explore bounties, which should enable me to find the elemental lairs, and Blademasters respond eagerly to Attack bounties, which should enable me to destroy them once found. (The high levels on both are simply to let them survive their missions.) The one big problem with this plan is that it leaves me with scant funds to build the temples, but we’ll see how it works.

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  1. Jason Dyer on 22 Dec 2009

    Didn’t you say on an earlier post that the bounty behavior didn’t apply in Majesty 2?

  2. Carl Muckenhoupt on 22 Dec 2009

    I said that the behavior of the various hero types didn’t seem to vary, but I meant spontaneous behavior in the absence of bounties. Different heroes definitely vary in which bounties they choose to go after. (I suppose I confused things by including Rogues in my description of Majesty 1 behavior, when their eagerness for bounties was their chief identifying behavior.)

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