It’s been a terrible year for shrinking the Stack. I did manage to complete 19 games, thanks to a burst at year’s end, but only four of them were on the Stack before the year started. The rest were, for the most part, purchased in sales on Steam, where I typically bought them in packages of multiple titles. The end result is that the Stack grew by 9 titles (plus a couple that I added because they should have already been on the list but weren’t). I think I’m developing something of a resistance to Steam sales: by now, I’ve seen enough of them pass by to know that anything I want will be put on sale again in the future. But the recent year-end event, with its week of daily special discounts, has been manipulative enough to overcome what little resistance I have.

It’s also the first year of this blog in which I failed to complete a Final Fantasy. I blame the Vintage Game Club for that one, interrupting me in the middle of FF6 by starting a group play-through of Chrono Trigger. With any luck, I’ll be able to finish them both in 2010.

For I have a plan. This is to some extent a retrogaming blog, and I haven’t been giving the older games on the Stack the attention they deserve. So, my pledge this year is to do a run through history. One game from each year on the Stack, from 1986 to the present. That’s 25 years, so if I pull out a new one every two weeks (regardless of whether I finished the last one or not), we’ll all have a new perspective on game history by year’s end.

First, I have to finish writing up Immortal Defense. But after that, we’ll turn to the oldest game currently on the Stack, Wizardry III.

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  1. paul on 2 Jan 2010

    It will be interesting to see if those old-school, high-grind RPGs like Wizardry slow you down. I’m hoping for some repetitive gameplay. Some of my favorite stack posts are when you spend several sessions without making plot advances, so you comment on something else, like gameplay, history, influences, etc.

  2. Sean Barrett on 2 Jan 2010

    Sounds great, looking forward to it!

  3. Jason Dyer on 3 Jan 2010

    Do you still have your characters from Wizardry I / II to play III?

  4. Carl Muckenhoupt on 3 Jan 2010

    This is actually not my first attempt at III, so I already have a bunch of characters installed. But they’re not the characters I originally played Wizardry with, back when it was new.

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